Welcome to GTM Atelier

I must confess that what started as a hobbie , ended up in a passion somewhat out of control.

It all started at early ages when I gat involved in aviation and gat my commercial license.

Aviation and airplanes protocols thought me the importance of safety, procedures and performance. And at the same time allowed me to deeply understand the importance of  weight saving , fatigue, and functionality, all elementes equaly important in car and motorcycle racing.

So following my pilot licenses I started studying “precision machining” ,which soon allowed me to fabricate small tuning parts for my cars and motorcycles  and also allowed me to do small  conversions and material upgrading .

The versatility of precision machining made it possible for me to start working on motorcycles chassis and easly allowed me to costumize motorcycles.

Around the same time I was starting to tune my own cars and motorcycles, I imported in Costa Rica a new Ferrari ( 360 Modena ) which soon needed servicing . Turned out , that for servicing the car we  needed a Ferrari SD2 scanner which only authorized dealer would have.

So after 6 month of negotiations and 6 months of planning and construction , along with two dear friends, both cars enthisiasts ,we opened “Rossocorsa” ,the Costa Rica Ferrari and Maserati dealer .

The showroom  stayed opened for two years ; the time needed to sell the units to satisfy and saturate the small Costa Rican market . Meanwhile we kept the service department open allowing us to service and update the cars that were sold , and our own.

Along with this close  relation to Ferrari and Maserati , came the attraction for classic cars.

The attraction soon became obsession since classic cars and classic motorcycle not only are safe investments, but they both reunite all the basic ingrediants of a true piston head : mechanical mechanism, minimalism,  elegant design and raw and anaided performance.

So here at GMT Atelier we want to infect you with our passion and help you find , restore or upgrade  the car or motorcycle of your dreams .