This was my 4th Defender and I knew it was probably going to be my last one. So I decided to go different this time and make a more confortable and city like car instead of the obvious off road machine. I started searching for the most confortable suspension I could fit on the car without varying the height. Turns out that all the suspensions kit on the market for the Defender are all focused on off road driving, which in some case can improve the rebound, making the ride a bit more confortable, but never as a SUV. I then decided to change the geometry of the suspension in order to fit an older Range Rover suspension which would not affect the original height of the car. The fitting of the rear suspension needed quite a lot of work on the chassis but finally we could fit the Pneumatic Range Rover shocks and the ride felt like a Cadillac. Next step was to paint the car in a mat Grey that gave a modern and urban look to the car. The interior was changed almost completely in order to change its Spartan felling. New Recaro seats where installed along with new dash, new dials, new steering wheel, new gear knobs, new floor mats, new center console, and new roof upholstery. The engine needed more horse power but no more torque since what we were looking for was for a softer city driving and for higher speed on the highway. In order to achieve that we installed 19 “ wheels, a bigger barometric turbo with bigger intercoolers and a injection set up where most of the power was delivered at high RPM , making city traffic first and second gear driving , much more docile. Kahn double exhaust was installed to give it a more modern look to the rear of the car. To keep with the modern and clean exterior look we installed Twisted xenon lights along with all the XRC grills and sidesteps. Products from Kahn, Twisted and Alive tuning where used to make this very special last generation Puma Defender.