This Mercedes Benz G55 2008 was upgraded with a Brabus performance Kit. Power enhancement by displacement enlargement 6.1 by use of a special crank shaft, piston rod and enlarged bore with appropriate pistons. The suction and the outlet section of both 3-ventile-cylinder heads were flow-optimized and finetuned with two special camshafts according to the displacement. For better filling larger valves were used. The modification was completed by a back pressure lowering metal- catalytic converter (four monoliths with a full OBD II suitability) and special attuned engine electronics. Power was raised to 600 hp and torque to 800NM. The kit was completed with 19’ Brabus wheels , multifunctional Brabus steering wheel and many other interior fittings which included LCD screen on the headrest and a hidden Police siren for rush hours