This 2010 Ultima  kit car was purchased at Ultima cars in UK. The engine chosen for the car was a Chevrolet 4,7 liter aspirated with 720 Hp , and the gearbox was an inverted Porsche g50. The car was assembled as a serious track car, so a lot of variation to the kit were neded. The cockpit was designed and fabricated in-house using aviation switches, carbon fiber panels , aluminum and alcantara.

Variation to the chassis were made on the suspensions arms introducing balljoins and reinforcement on the A arms. Bigger and stronger engine supports were installed. The aim was to reach a 1 to 1 ration on horsepower to weight ( kgs). We almost reach the initial aim of 1 to 1 ration for HP to KGs having 720 Hp with a dry weight of 814 kgs.

The car turned out to be extremely overpowered , a cool characteristic on papers but not exiting a fast corner on a track with cement barriers..

We had to restrict the admission in order to get aprox. 150 less hp and achieve a better overall balance.